About the BAMAP

About the BAMAP

Association of International Road Carriers "BAMAP" is a republican, non-commercial, voluntary association of commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the transport of goods and/or passengers by road, including in international traffic, as well as organizations wishing to assist in the development of these transportations, employers.

Association "BAMAP" was established in 1992 on the initiative of 24 trucking enterprises of the Republic. At present, the Association "BAMAP" unites in its ranks about 1000 Road Carriers - these are members of BAMAP, the TIR Carnets users.

Since 1992, the Association BAMAP is a member of the International Road Transport Union (IRU, Switzerland) as an active member and in accordance with the Decree No. 1996 of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated 29.12.1998 performs the functions of a Guaranteeing Association in the territory of the Republic of Belarus with the provision of the right to issue TIR Carnets.

The main objectives of the Association "BAMAP" are:
- To promote the development of road transport of goods and/or passengers in the Republic of Belarus, including international road transport, and the implementation of the provisions of the TIR Convention in 1975;
- Assistance in comprehensive protection of the interests of road carriers and their information support.

The objectives of the Association "BAMAP" for the fulfillment of the statutory goals are:
- activities to improve the legislation of the Republic of Belarus in the field of road transport of goods and (or) passengers, including international road transport;
- organization and provision of advanced training for managers, specialists and drivers carrying out intra-republican and (or) international transport of goods and / or passengers by road, including using the TIR procedure;
- representation and protection of the legitimate interests of BAMAP members before national and foreign competent authorities;
- assistance in the provision of visa support to BAMAP members, users of TIR Carnets;
- assistance in the modernization of the fleet of trucks and passenger vehicles of BAMAP members, users of TIR Carnets;
- implementation of a policy of compliance by international carriers with a competitive level of freight rates;
- providing members of BAMAP, users of TIR Carnets with information, advertising and other services.

For realization of the main areas of activity the Association "BAMAP" closely co-operates with the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus, the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus, as well as with other bodies of the State Administration of the Republic. It takes part in the formation of transport, customs and tax legislation regulating international transport by road. At the international and national levels, the Association participates in various organizations whose activities are connected with international road transport

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